G.C.M.Lieten (1946, Belgium) is the International Institute of Social History professor of Child Labour studies at the University of Amsterdam. Currently he is the IREWOC Director. He has done extensive fieldwork, particularly in South Asia, on various topics related to poverty, rural development and labour relations.

Lieten studied languages in Antwerp (Belgium) political science in Reading (UK) and history in New Delhi (India) and obtained his PH.D. for a study on the triangular relationship between the colonial state, the Indian entrepreneurial class and the working class in Mumbay in 1928-29. He spent many years in South Asia where he was a radio correspondent for the Dutch and Belgian radio during the 1970s and at intervals during the 1980s . He is the co-founder of the National India Committee in the Netherlands and has contributed various academic articles, books and journalistic pieces on politics in South Asia. Recently he has extended his area expertise to Africa and Latin America.

In recent years, professor Lieten has edited and authored many books and has been a member of the advisory/editiorial board of a number of journals. The publications related to child labour can be found on the publications page of this site.


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