Working children information and literature

Canadian International Development Agency
This Agency supports sustainable development in developing countries. Children are an important focus in CIDA's social development work. A wide range of publications on child protection, as well as in the area of child labour specifically, can be obtained.

Child Labor and the Global Village:Photography for Social Change
This photography project involves a team of 11 photographers who will be photographing child workers around the globe. By photographing individual children in their worlds - their families, communities, countries - we hope to see behind the child labor label. Child labor is the result of a complex set of factors: poverty; lack of schools; poor health care; war; and many others. Solutions must meet the needs of individual children. We need to know who they are to know what they need.

Children, Youth and Environments
Children, Youth and Environments (CYE) is a journal and multidisciplinary, international network, dedicated to improving the lives of young people. The journal targets researchers, policy makers and professionals.

Childhood Poverty Research and Policy Centre (CHIP)
The website of CHIP explains some of the general gaps in knowledge about childhood poverty and provides various interesting articles on the subject.

CRIN Child rights information network - publications
ELDIS Children and young people resource guide
CRIN and ELDIS form two general sources with an unbiased inclusion of documents from various sources.

Global March Against Child Labor
The Global March is a movement that aims to further worldwide efforts to protect and promote the rights of all children, especially the right to receive education and to be free from exploitation. The website offers news, general information and links to related websites.

Human Rights Watch
Besides general information on child labour, you can also find various publications on the HRW website.

id21, communicating development research
Id21 communicates international development research to policy makers and practitioners worldwide. The website informs on a wide range of topics, among which child labour

The International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour, apart from being a very active player in the field, has an extensive and informative network and has the basic information on the magnitude of child labour in the various countries of the world.
Child labour researchers are recommended to join the child labour research network, which is hosted by IPEC.

All subregional and regional websites for IPEC Latin America and Caribbean can be found through:

All subregional and regional websites for IPEC Asia and the Pacific can be found through:

All subregional and regional websites for IPEC Africa can be found through  

The inter-agency project on child labour (ILO, UNICEF and World Bank) has developed into a good source base for economic and econometric studies which in their scope and analysis by and large follow present World Bank policies.

"What Young People Are Saying": Unicef's bimonthly newsletter
In this 16th issue (June 2005) of the Voices of Youth's newsletter the Tsunami of last December as well as relief and rehabilitation efforts are central to the discussion. The objective of "What Young People Are Saying" is to further links between programming and the concerns of today's youth.

US Bureau of International Labor Affairs
Various International Child Labor Reports can be obtained through the internet site of the US Bureau of International Labor Affairs. The reports include among others: annual findings on the worst forms of child labour, developments in the campaign against child labour and several situational analyses.

ZEF, University of Bonn
The discussion papers from the Centre for Development Research (ZEF), include a small number of interesting papers written on the subject of child labour. One discussion paper deals with the policy debate on the education/child labour trade-off, another discusses this debate with empirical evidence from Pakistan and two other papers deal with the incidence of child labour in Africa, specifically in Ethiopia.

Child-centred Organisations

Defence for Children International
The overall goal of DCI’s international programme on juvenile justice is “to make the situation of children and juvenile justice in the world known internationally, promoting actions that aim to include juvenile justice as a priority item on political agendas on an international, regional and national level and which aims to strengthen national juvenile justice systems, guaranteeing the rights of children and adolescents in conflict with the law

Development Policy Review Network (DPRN)
The Development Policy Review Network is a network of development experts and policymakers in the Netherlands and Belgium who aim to reduce the gap between science, policy and development practice. To that end the DPRN organises thematic and regional expert meetings and is developing a web portal to provide searchable access to development expertise in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Edukans is a development organisation with a unique focus on basic education. Every child is entitled to have access to good quality basic education. Yet, world-wide, 80 million children do not attend school. For Edukans this is an unacceptable situation. Action has to be taken. Every child should have the opportunity to get relevant education. Edukans facilitates this in close cooperation with local partner organisations in developing countries. Edukans also involves students in the Netherlands in the field of quality improvement of basic education and awareness raising on the issue.

ICCO (The interchurch organisation for development cooperation)
ICCO is an interchurch organisation for development co-operation with her own view on working towards structural poverty alleviation. In co-operation with partner-organisations all over the world ICCO supports the under-privileged in their fight for a more dignified existence. ICCO is one of the six Dutch co-financing organisations, which, with funds from the Dutch government and the European Union organisations, supports projects and programmes in developing countries.

International Childhood and Youth Research Network
The Network aims to bring together organizations which produce research on children and childhood, fosters collaboration between stakeholders in order to produce better ways to address issues affecting the well-being of children and young people, encourages organizations to maximize the involvement of children and young people in their work, encourages the production and dissemination of research and the creation of research environments, promotes greater collaboration between practitioners, researchers, policy-makers and funders, and supports the capacity of young researchers and especially of those who come from less developed research centers or countries, to conduct, publish, and disseminate research.

Kerk in Actie
Kerk in Actie is the programme for missionary and diaconal work of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands and of 10 smaller churches and ecumenical organisations. The name Kerk in Actie means: Church (Kerk) in Action (actie). We want to emphasize that the local church-communities are actively participating in missionary and diaconal work. Kerk in Actie facilitates relations between local congregations in the Netherlands and churches and organisations abroad regarding the proclamation of the Gospel and promotion of justice. Kerk in Actie co-operates with almost thousand partner churches and organisations in more than 60 countries of Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Eastern Europe.

PLAN International
PLAN is an international child development organisation working with deprived and disadvantaged children - focusing on their issues, needs, interests - within the context of their families and communities.
PLAN Netherlands>>>

Save the Children
Save the Children works to achieve lasting benefits for children within the communities in which they live. It tries to influence policy and practise, based on its experience and study in different parts of the world.

Terre des Hommes
The mission of the Terre des Hommes organisations is to provide active support to children, without racial, religious, political, cultural or gender-based discrimination. To this end the organisations develop and implement projects designed to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged children in their own environment (including families and communities). The Convention on the Rights of the Child constitutes the conceptual framework guiding the activities of the Terre des Hommes organisations.

Unicef every year publishes the standard work on the State of the Children in the World and through its Child Rights Centre in Florence it commissions various studies on child poverty, child labour and child deprivation.
Unicef also has a site with publications concerning child trafficking.

World Vision International
World Vision International is a Christian relief and development organisation. Its focus is on children's well-being. The website contains several interesting articles and publications.

Youth Advocate Program International
YAPI is a non-profit organisation whose main focus is to promote and protect the rights of children throughout the world, mainly through advocacy. On their website you can find a range of information on various child issues, such as child labour, street children and the girl child. The website also contains some publications on these issues.

For specific categories of child deprivation, other important sources are:

Anti-slavery: Child slavery and related abuses
Antislavery, the world's oldest international human rights organisation, works exclusively against slavery and related abuses. The website includes a wide range of publications on child slavery.

Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers: Child soldiers
This organisation works to prevent the recruitment and use of children as soldiers, to secure their demobilisation and facilitate rehabilitation and reintegration. The website offers a wide range of papers on the subject, as well as links to related organisations in the field of children and war-related issues.

Consortium for Street Children: Street children
The Consortium for Street Children co-ordinates a worldwide network for distributing information and sharing expertise. Through the website a range of information about the situation of street living and working children can be obtained as well as information on and links to other organisations in the different regions in the world.

ECPAT: Sexual abuse and trafficking

European Foundation for Street Children Worldwide: Street children

Terre des Hommes: Child trafficking
Terre des Hommes supports a website on trafficking, a digital library, which includes many studies and research reports covering more than a 100 countries. Read the report of their Seminar on Combating the Worst Forms of Child Labour.

World Tourism Organisation: Sexual exploitation in Tourism

Regional Organisations


Asia Against Child Trafficking
Part of the international Campaign against Child Trafficking (coordinated by Terre des Hommes), the regional campaign to fight child trafficking in Southeast Asia. The website provides information and news on the current state of child trafficking in Asia.

Bangladesh Shishu Adhikar Forum
The goal of Bangladesh Shishu Adhikar Forum is to promote the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Their website provides among other things, specific information on the situation of different forms of child labour in Bangladesh.

Child Workers in Asia
CWA is was established as a support group for child workers in Asia, and the NGO's working for them. The CWA network has strived to contribute to the development of the understanding of the situation of children who work and are exploited, as well as strengthening their collaboration to jointly respond to the exploitation of working children in the region.

Concern for Children and Environment Nepal
Concern for Children and Environment Nepal (CONCERN-Nepal) is a NGO established in 1993. Its principal purpose is to be an advocator for underprivileged children and their social and natural living environment in Nepal. It helps and protects underprivileged children and working children living in very difficult circumstances.

CWIN Nepal
Established in 1987, Child Workers in Nepal Concerned Centre (CWIN) is a pioneer organisation in Nepal for the rights of the child and against child labour exploitation. As a watchdog in the field of child rights in the country, CWIN acts as a voice of children through lobbying, campaign and pressure to the government to protect and promote children's rights in the country, and to end all kinds of exploitation, abuse and discrimination against children.

Development and Education Programme for Daughters and Community Centre
DEPDC is a community-based organisation offering education and full-time accommodation for children to prevent them from being trafficked into the sex industry or other exploitative child-labour situations. The website provides interesting information about the local situation in Thailand- Mekong.

Liberal Association for Movement of People (LAMP)
LAMP-India is a national organisation that aims to contribute to the development and empowerment of people in difficult circumstances, with its focus on children and children's organisations.

Movement for Alternatives and Youth Awareness
MAYA is a Karnataka (India) -based development organisation working to address child labour issues in a systematic way, mainly through building empowered human institutions for the poor. On the website, interesting documents and publications can be found and downloaded.

Maiti Nepal
Maiti Nepal is an organisation dedicated to the prevention of trafficking Nepali girls for prostitution and other forms of forced labor, through intervention and legal advocacy.

Sambhav Social Service Organization
This non-governmental organisation is working in the field of rural development among the Sahariyas tribal communities and some slum communities in India.


African Child Policy Forum
One of the main objectives of the ACPF is to promote the rights and welfare of the children in Africa.

African Network for Prevention and Protection Against Child Abuse and Neglect
ANPPCAN is a Pan-African organisation whose main concern is the status of children. The organisation aims to enhance the prevention and protection of children from all forms of maltreatment. Their website contains several interesting documents and links.

Children and Youth in Action (Enfants et Jeunes en Action) - Enda
Enda supports a wide range of programmes in Third World countries. Children and Youth in Action is present in over 20 countries in Africa, one of its central themes being working children. This website provides information on the current state of programmes and discussions and gives links to the other organisations in the field.

Latin America:

Casa Alianza
Casa Alianza is dedicated to the rehabilitation and defense of street children in Latin American countries.

Thais, Consultoria en Desarrollo Social, S.C. (En español)
Thais S.C. is an organisation based in Mexico, that aims to contribute to the understanding of street children and working children. Several publications and links can be found through the website.